Welcome to my site! I’m Heather, the creative mind behind the lens.


From a young age I became interested in the photographic process and began experimenting with an old point and shoot camera I found laying around the house. Once high school rolled around I enrolled in a photography class and was instantly obsessed, a passion that has followed me throughout my entire life.


Growing up in a family with natural artistic abilities I was encouraged to explore and experiment every chance that I could, opening up many doors and encouraging me to stretch my creative mindset.


I enjoy having the opportunity to tell a story through the photographs I take, freezing individual moments, capturing unique perspectives, and amplifying beautiful emotions.


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Family photos, seniors, maternity photos, models, engagements & more, book your favorite portrait session today!

2D Design

Need a business card, brochure, wedding invite or handout made? Look no further! Design consultations available upon request.

Hand Drawn


Now accepting custom hand-drawn calligraphy orders! Consultations are available upon request.

Succulent Creations

Custom made succulent creations are available for sale on our Facebook page, @MittenMedia.

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