• Heather Biddle

Creative Inspiration

Creative inspiration can be a funny thing. Sometimes, we are inspired and ready to create beautiful works of art that we know others will enjoy and we are excited to share. However other times we feel bored, caught up in the winter gloom or question whether someone will even bother to look at the things we create. Heres a few tips that I’ve found to help me stay inspired:

Join a community. Being a member of a photography or photography related group can help you connect with other individuals that share the same interests. It can open up doors for critiques, gaining potential clients, or even learning new lessons.

Travel to a new place. Often times we loose motivation if we are bored with our surroundings. Mixing things up can help us feel stimulated visually and can create a sense of excitement towards photography again.

Try something new. Often times it can be easy to get in a routine however, at times we grow when we find the courage to step out of our comfort zone. Trying something new can also help to stretch your creative brain and gain new experiences.

"Follow" other Photographers. Digital media is quickly becoming the base for all types of communications throughout the world. Use this to your advantage; follow a new photographer, study their work and if they’re willing- ask them questions.

Write down your Ideas. Practice writing down your ideas and returning back to it on a day you feel less inspired. This will help you to get motivated on "rainy" days where you feel stuck creatively.

As a photographer, or any type of artist it is often easy to loose inspiration and get into a comfortable groove that prevents you from growing creatively. Learning new ways to gain inspiration can help you leap out of your comfort zone and grow as an artist.

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