• Heather Biddle

Book Review: The Scandal

3.5/5 Stars

Money, friendship, and murder. The perfect life may not be all that it seems…There are no secrets in small towns and the people you hold close may turn out to be your worst enemy.

“I can’t risk them knowing I harbor darkness inside, the kind that lashes out when I least expect it.”

How far would you go to keep your past hidden and protect your secrets?

“Guilt is a terrible thing. It eats away at all the good in life until you’re left with nothing but resentment and anger.”

Is one terrible thing greater than another?

The Scandal By Nicola Marsh brings up a lot of moral questions. Some scenarios are black and white, while others are truly the gray areas between right and wrong.

This book was an easy read and the plot was interesting and twisty, however, I did not connect to any of the characters and often found myself wandering off mid-sentence, which is why my rating is 3.5/5 stars.

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